Wedding make-up

The wedding photographer and the wedding make-up artist should work in unison, with each knowing their role and what to do when. The wedding makeup artist should be aware that there are different light issues at different times of the day. We offer this service as an extension of our wedding photography services. 

Doing the makeup for the mothers of the bride and groom, bridesmaids and flower girls make them feel special. They are an integral part of your wedding and would like to look at their best for you and your guests.

The bridesmaid’s makeup is more natural but pretty, care must be taken that they do not overshadow the bride. The flower girls just need a bit of glitter here and there with a bit of colour just to brighten up their faces.

Our in house wedding makeup artist knows exactly what we need to take great wedding photos. It is a small fee to pay compared with rest of the wedding costs.

It’s a special occasion, one of the most important you are going to attend, and you need to look at your best. You have paid a couple of thousand for a dress and accessories. The final touch to make you look stunning is your make-up.

Your make-up should compliment your whole look, personality and the time the occasion will take place. I cater for all of these as well as the photographs that will be taken.

When I work, I never think about beauty. I think how to solve the problem. When I have finished, if the person is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.

Make-up is not limited to weddings, although it is the main event where most people will use a make-up artist, there are many occasions where a little bit of extra attention can make a huge difference.



Photographer: Jan Visagie