Capturing that special moment

You have fallen in love, and become engaged now you are going to take one of the biggest steps of your life. This is a day you are going to share with your family and friends to celebrate love passion and a lifelong commitment. Your wedding day is one you would like to remember and a professional wedding photographer will capture your most cherished day with total passion and commitment.

About us

There are many wedding photographers and each one has their own style. My basic style is to tell the story from the start of the wedding with the special requests of the bride and groom in mind. You have planned this special day for months so it should be captured in the detail it deserves.

As a wedding photographer it is my duty to make sure that you have memories of this special day for years to come. That is why we work in pairs, the wedding photographer and someone to get everybody organised and be on the lookout for potential obstacles that might ruin your photos. In cities we came across the strangest places where you will find telephone poles are in the way. You need someone with knowledge to point this out to the wedding photographer. This speeds up the whole process tremendously, leaving you with more time to spend with friends and family.

Posted on August 27, 2009 by Jan Visagie

Photographer: Jan Visagie