The art of capturing a lifelong commitment

Photography is the one service on your wedding day that will last you the rest of your married life. You will be sharing your photos with your family and friends immediately after your wedding and for years to come.

We are based in Johannesburg

Wedding PhotographyWe will make sure that these images are captured in a way that takes your needs into account. Our professionally compiled shooting list that are discussed before the event gives you the opportunity to add your specific taste and flair to the photos taken on this important day.

What our wedding photography services deliver

We offer wedding packages that will suite most needs, but we can give you a tailor made quotation should you have specific needs. To make sure that you have enduring and lasting images of one of the happiest events in your life, you must realise that photography takes some preparation and decisions that have to be taken before the ceremony.

You have to be relaxed about your choice of the photographer. Although we try to be as unobtrusive as possible, we still need to get the wedding pictures you want.  On the wedding day you will have to be prepared to have us around you for quite a bit.

The day can be fun for everyone, as long as you are relaxed and really want to get married, we can make your day last forever.

On a last note, we do deliver digital manipulation but we are wedding photographers and as you can see from our portfolio we specialise in capturing authentic realistic images of the event

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A small but beautiful ceremony with just 24 people attending.

Wedding Photography Kim in her beautifull wedding dress Jan Visagie Photography

Louis and Kim

Wedding Photography: Jan Visagie